60W USB3.0 Power Splitter for SD4700P


About this Product

The Kensington 60W USB 3.0 Power Splitter for SD4700P provides a power delivery option for USB 3.0 laptops. This is a productive and cost-effective solution for environments with mixed deployments or shared workspaces, including hot-deskingand hoteling. While the SD4700P Universal USB-C and USB 3.0 Docking Station already provides Power Delivery (PD) for USB-C enabled devices supporting PD, the 60W USB 3.0 Power Splitter allows for a truly universal solution that will poweryour USB 3.0 enabled laptops through the same docking station –providing your business with a scalable and standardized docking solution as you crossover from USB 3.0 to USB-C enabled mobile devices.


  • 60W Laptop Power uses the power supply from the SD4700P to provide power to USB 3.0 enabled laptops with 20V power inputs (20V/60W)
  • 8 Power Tip Adapters can be dongle-connected for quick access and provide ample connection opportunities for Dell, HP, Lenovo and other leading manufacturers (retention rings included)
  • 1M Laptop Cable provides ideal length for various connection needs and accommodates multiple power tips to be tethered to the cable at one time via four power adapter retention rings –providing a convenient solution for mixed deployments or shared workspaces
  • 0.5M Power Plug Cable connects to the SD4700P dock and supports a tidy and tangle-free connection


  • Warranty-36-Months
0.40 lbs
1.8 x 5 x 4 inches