The GBC brand delivers innovative products that allow users to present, protect, secure, organize, enhance and transform all printed material to achieve a professional edge in a competitive marketplace. Document creation has changed over time and GBC has kept up every step of the way. Discover how GBC solutions can help you improve productivity, increase profitability and create customized, stylish finished documents to enhance brand recognition.

About GBC®

In 1947, William N. Lane and two partners founded General Binding Corporation (GBC) to meet the binding equipment needs of Chicago’s many printers. The company quickly took off and introduced the Combo comb binding machine in 1960 to make mechanical binding accessible to the masses. A few years later, in 1966, the tabletop laminator was introduced to make laminating more accessible as well. GBC® continued to innovate and grow by launching a shredder business in 1973 and expanding into visual communication in 1996. Throughout the years, GBC® has succeeded in improving binding and laminating to offer a variety of quick, easy and complete document finishing solutions to meet all business needs.

For over 60 years, the GBC® brand has been a world leader in products that help consumers present, protect, secure, organize and enhance their printed materials. GBC® binding and laminating machines and supplies help professionals finish documents quickly and easily with style and customization.