Clicksafe® Twin Keyed Laptop Lock


About this Product

The Kensington CLICKSAFE® Keyed Twin Laptop Lock is designed for effortless protection of computers, peripherals and your business´s most important data. Locks attach to hardware in a single step. Just one click and it´s secure. There´s no need for employees to insert a key or follow multiple steps. CLICKSAFE® combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock.


  • Give your employees effortless, superior computer protection with the Kensington CLICKSAFE® Keyed Twin Laptop Lock. One-click security combined with superior materials makes protecting computers and peripherals easier than ever. Employees just click and secure in a single step.
  • Security in one step-simplified design protects computers and peripherals with a click
  • Watch employee compliance rates rise! CLICKSAFE® makes security effortless
  • Tamper-proof disk-style lock combined with superior materials provide near-impenetrable protection
  • Super-strong steel cable provides the strongest physical security on the market
  • Attaches to laptops, external hard drives or other peripherals via the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of computers
  • Master keying available


  • Warranty-Limited Lifetime
0.60 lbs
1 x 1 x 7 inches