Derwent Inktense Pencil 36ct. Tin


About this Product

Derwent Inktense Pencils are our best water-soluble pencil ever! You can use them dry but mix them with water and the colour turns into vibrant ink. Once it’s dry the colour is fixed and because its permanent it’s great for using on fabric such as silk and cotton. Contains Sherbert Lemon, Sun Yellow, Sienna Gold, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Chilli Red, Cherry, Shiraz, Red Violet, Fuchsia, Mauve, Violet, Peacock Blue, Iron Blue, Iris Blue, Bright Blue, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Iron Green, Ionian Green, Field Green, Felt Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Mustard, Tan, Saddle Brown, Baked Earth, Willow, Bark, Indian Ink, Charcoal Grey, Ink Black, Antique White and Outliner.


  • Round stained ink blue barrel with colour dip end and metallic blue trim
  • Smooth dry colour is easy to apply and produces a vibrant finish
  • Large colour strip for expressive gestures, bright intense colour and easy colour wash to create ink like effect
  • Firm laydown – more like a pen
  • Tin contains 36 of the 72 colours


  • Made in Great Britain
1.34 lbs
13.97"x7.87"x0.55 inches