Swingline® ClassicCut® 1210W Guillotine Trimmer with EdgeGlow™, Wood, 12″ 10 Sheets


About this Product

Create clean, professional looking cuts for your papers, photos and artwork. This trimmer has a solid wood surface and EdgeGlow™ LED lighting to help you achieve the perfect cut every time.


  • EDGEGLOW ALIGNMENT – With EdgeGlow LED illumination, it’s easy to align papers for a perfect cut. Simply lift the blade and line your paper up with the light guide for clear and accurate trimming. .
  • DURABLE SURFACE – The solid wood surface easily handles impact from the blade. Plus, it is printed with alignment guides to help improve trimming accuracy.
  • 12" CUTTING LENGTH – Easily trim standard size papers, photos and artwork with the 12" cutting length. The guillotine blade cuts through up to 10 sheets at once.
  • SAFETY FEATURES – Safely store the trimmer when not in use. A safety latch keeps the blade locked in place.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED – EdgeGlow LED light requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included for your convenience.
  • Limited 5-year warranty.


4.3 lbs
20.59 x 12.87 x 3.11 inches